Demers (BSN ’20): Nurses’ and Physicians’ Perspectives on Text-Based Postpartum Blood Pressure Monitoring

Honors Alum publishes project in Journal for Nurse Practitioners:

Samuel Demers, BSN ’20, has published the results of his honors project in the Journal for Nurse Practitioners. “Nurses’ and physicians’ perspectives on text-based postpartum blood pressure monitoring” highlights the importance of using technology to monitor patients remotely.

Self-monitoring of blood pressure (BP) and using text messages to communicate values with health care providers may be a viable alternative to in-person visits to obtain postpartum BP measurements. This study was conducted to understand perspectives of nurses and physicians who have used text-based postpartum BP monitoring. Nurses and physicians who implemented text-based postpartum BP monitoring programs participated in a survey focused on perceived quality and an interview focused on perceived program advantages, disadvantages, and implementation considerations. Participants (n = 5) report that these methods are safe and ease the burden of obtaining high-quality care for this high-risk vulnerable population.

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