DUSON Hosts 2018 UNC-Duke PhEd Talks

You missed a treat if you were unable to attend the Duke-UNC 2018 PhEd Talks at Duke University School of Nursing on Wednesday. The future of nursing is really bright! The presenters did a wonderful job.

The following students presented for UNC:

Becky Salomon: Measuring Chronic Stress Using Minimally Invasive Methods

Yousef Qan’ir: Health Apps Use Among Jordanians in Health Care Settings

Gill Litynski: An Adventure to Windhoek, Namibia: USAID HIV Clinical Services Technical Assistance Project (UTAP)

Carrie Hill: Impact of Environment on Parent Experience in the PICU

Victoria Petermann: Lessons Learned from New Zealand’s Demand-Side Approach to Workforce Planning

UNC presenters were introduced by Leah Morgan and she also did an excellent job!

If you see any of these students, please congratulate them on a job well done!