Four School of Nursing Faculty Attend American Heart Association Meetings

In November (2019) four School of Nursing faculty members (Drs. Cortes, Davis, Wu, and Zegre-Hemsey) attended the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to attending sessions, each shared their expertise with conference goers by presenting science, serving on expert panels, attending leadership events, and meeting with funding officers to discuss future research projects. Dr. Yamnia Ivelisse Cortes served on an Early Career panel for the Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing (CVSN) Council entitled: “Negotiating Your Career”, presenting on career development tips and resources for PhD students. Dr. Leslie Davis served as a member of the Science Advisory Board for the American Heart Association Public Health Foundation of India Certificate e-Course in Management of Hypertension (PHOTO of Scientific Advisory Board). As chair of the development and the membership/communication committees for the Cardiovascular and Stroke Nursing (CVSN) Council, Dr. Davis also participated in CVSN leadership council meetings while at the AHA sessions. Dr. Jia-Rong Wu provided a poster presentation entitled: “Health-related Quality of Life Mediates the Relationship Between Medication Adherence and Cardiac Event-Free Survival in Patients with Heart Failure”. Dr. Jessica Zégre-Hemsey provided a podium presentation entitled “A Feasibility Study to Assess Delivery of Automated External Defibrillators via Drones – Observations of Users’ Experiences and the Human-Drone Interaction”. Dr. Zegre-Hemsey also participated in a session entitled: “HealthTech Pavilion Abstract Session: There’s an App (or Tech Solution) for That: SmartPhones, Wearables and Bringing Care to the People”, and served as co-author for 2 poster presentations: “Rapid but Short Duration Ventricular Tachycardia Predicts Actionable Events” and “Successes and Ongoing Opportunities in National Efforts to Improve STEMI Care: Mission: Lifeline Update 2010-2018”.