Global Study Award Helps Students Gain World Experiences

The Cronenwett Global Study Award was created by a private gift from a SON alumna and her husband to honor the leadership of Linda H. Cronenwett, immediate past dean of the SON, and her passion for improving quality and safety in health care. This year’s recipients are BSN students Tina Evans and Rebeca Moretto. They will both be traveling internationally this summer as part of N489, SON’s Practicum in Nursing Global Health Experience.

Evans will spend four to five weeks in Antigua, Guatemala volunteering at Casa Jackson, an inpatient center for malnourished children. She then plans to spend six to seven weeks in Jutiapa, Guatemala, where she will work on the nursing staff in the maternity department of the Hospital Nacional de Jutiapa. She will also introduce the work of doulas to their maternity care in an effort to increase natural comfort measures in laboring women.

Moretto will be collaborating with two obstetric attending physicians in the high-risk OB/GYN department at the Antigua, Guatemala/Hospital Nacional. She will be assisting them by acting as a doula to the women and helping with deliveries. In addition, she will conduct public health education outreach for the traditional midwives in the area regarding topics including sterile technique and postpartum care of mother and newborn.

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