Hillman Scholar Cameron Ulmer receives Mary Lewis Wyche Fellowship

Congratulations to Cameron Ulmer, a Hillman Scholar and PhD student, who has been awarded the 2023 Mary Lewis Wyche Fellowship. Administered by the North Carolina Foundation for Nursing, these fellowships are granted annually with amounts of up to $5,000, benefiting registered nurses pursuing their master’s or doctorate degrees in nursing practice or administration on a full-time basis.

This scholarship stands as evidence of Cameron’s outstanding academic achievements and commitment to advancing the field of nursing practice and administration.

“This award means that I will have the resources to pursue my academic goals without being restricted by finances. I am able to fully engage in and chase opportunities that I would not have been able to otherwise.”

Cameron Ulmer

Mary Lewis Wyche was the founder of the North Carolina Nurses Association in 1902 and was the nurse who spearheaded the creation of the first nursing practice act in the country which was passed on March 3, 1903. In 2003, the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation to create the ‘First in Nursing’ license plate. A portion of the fees paid to utilize the license plate fund the Mary Lewis Wyche Fellowships.