Hirschey attends in-depth training as Rodgers mentors the AACN Diversity Leadership Institute

This fall, Assistant Professor Dr. Rachel Hirschey is attending the American Colleges of Nursing Diversity Leadership Institute’s 6-month training designed to prepare attendees to lead diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within nursing organizations. Shielda Rodgers, Associate Dean of Inclusive excellence will be serving as a mentor.

“The central focus of the Diversity Leadership Institute is to provide an overview of the evolution of diversity and inclusion and the role of Diversity Officers in academic nursing and nursing practice. It frames diversity within the context of higher education and academic nursing while presenting high-involvement diversity practices in teams and leaders.

The goal is to enhance professional knowledge and experience in order to stimulate strategic thinking and advance outcomes at participants’ home institutions. This program will increase self-awareness while building skills and capacity to engage with discussions and issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. This program requires participants to develop a diversity plan designed to drive excellence specifically tailored to their organization. Upon completion of the program, participants will present their plan describing how they will apply their work in their respective organizations.”