Jia Rong Wu Receives K23 Award

Assistant Professor Jia Rong Wu, PhD, RN, was recently notified that her K23 proposal, “A Family-Focused, Literacy-Sensitive Intervention to Improve Medication Adherence,” has been funded by the National Institutes of Health. The award will support her long-term career goal of becoming an independent cardiovascular nurse researcher in the area of heart failure. Over the next three years, Dr. Wu plans to pursue additional formal training in health literacy as well as the design and delivery of family-focused interventions.

Her UNC-Chapel Hill faculty sponsor for this project is Dr. Michael Pignone from the School of Medicine. Sandra Dunbar from the School of Nursing at Emory University is Dr. Wu’s co-sponsor. Members of her mentoring team will include Dr. George Knafl, PhD, from the SON; Dr. Darren DeWalt, MD, from the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention; and Dr. Carol Golin, MD, from the School of Public Health.