Lanning a panelist at Go Global, earns Center for Faculty Excellence Large Course Redesign Grant

Kudos to Associate Professor Rhonda Lanning who represented the School of Nursing at a recent panel on the Ethics of Health Care Abroad, sponsored by UNC’s Center for Global Initiatives. The event focused on preparing Carolina Firsts (first-generation college students at UNC) and students from underrepresented backgrounds for first-time international travel.

Dr. Lanning likewise learned last week that her proposal to redesign her large enrollment APPLES service-learning course has been funded for $5,000. “The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) received a record number of proposals this year from faculty members representing a wide range of disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences and professional schools,” Erin Malloy, MD, DFAPA, DABAM, director of the UNC Center for Faculty Excellence noted. “Our Review Committee felt that your proposal reflected informed and thoughtful consideration of both the opportunities and challenges associated with redesigning a large-enrollment course, and addressed the selection criteria noted in the Call for Proposals.”

Great work, Rhonda!