Lanning publishes papers with SON alums, who apply doula training on the job

Associate professor Rhonda Lanning and recently published two papers with former honors students. Tori Hinde (BSN’20) and Lanning published a paper in Nurse Educator on their work creating an innovative approach to preparing BSN students to provide supportive labor and birth care to patients and families. Birth doulas from the community train and orient BSN students to working with birthing families before students launch into clinical. Allison DeSarro (BSN’18) and Lanning published an article in the Journal of Perinatal Education providing an overview of their successful approach to preparing birth doulas to provide care to clients during and immediately following cesarean birth. This training has been integral to the successful integration of birth doulas in the operating room (OR) environment at UNC Medical Center. The presence of doulas in the OR is linked to improved rates of immediate skin to skin contact between newborns and birthing parents. Both Allison and Tori graduated with Highest Honors and are currently practicing as nurses at UNC Medical Center.