Leeman and Colleagues Receive $3.375 Million Grant Renewal for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Congratulations to Jennifer Leeman and her colleagues, who have been awarded $3.375 million to continue funding the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CPCRN) through September 2024.

Associate Professor Jennifer Leeman, DrPH, MDIV, is Co-PI of the UNC collaborating center, along with Alison Brenner. “Everyday researchers are discovering more effective interventions to prevent and control cancer,” says Dr. Leeman. “We now need to develop better ways to implement those interventions into routine practice, especially in settings that care for those at greatest risk for poor cancer outcomes. We are delighted to have the opportunity that this new funding will provide to continue our collaborations with seven other centers nationwide with the goal of advancing of the science needed to implement effective cancer prevention and control interventions and reduce health disparities.”

CPCRN is a national network of academic, public health, and community partners who work together to reduce the burden of cancer, especially among those disproportionately affected. Its members conduct community-based participatory cancer research across its eight network centers, crossing academic affiliations and geographic boundaries. UNC is home to both the network coordinating center and a collaborating center. The network is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through its Prevention Research Center Program via this grant.

Well done, Dr. Leeman!


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Award Number U48DP006400 SIP 19-004, Wheeler (PI) 9/30/19-9/29/24, Funding $3,375,000, “Cancer Prevention & Control Research Network Coordinating Center”