Leslie Sharpe Featured on WUNC’s The State of Things

On Monday March 6, clinical instructor Leslie Sharpe, FNP, participated in a special roundtable discussion for National Nurses Week on WUNC’s The State of Things. The conversation between host Frank Stasio and colleagues Ann King, from Wayne Memorial Hospital, and Erica Saunders, UNC Physicians Network, revolved around the rewards and challenges of nursing.

Ms. Sharpe shared stories from her time serving at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. She spoke about how as a newer nurse she came to realize that families often need just as much treatment and guidance as the patient does. She also told the story of the first time she traveled to a family’s home with an officer to notify them that their daughter was dead. “Sometimes you don’t have to use any words in that situation,” she told Mr. Stasio. “You just have to be present.”

The dialogue covered many aspects of nursing from the day-to-day routines to the deep emotions experienced by nurses who have frequent encounters with death. Ms. Sharpe and her colleagues talked about the role of nurses as educators for patients and their families as well as the ways they collaborate with physicians and other health care professionals to deliver the best care they can. Host Frank Stasio, whose mother, wife, and daughter are all nurses, also offered his guests an opportunity to dispel any misconceptions people might have about nurses. “I think what people need to know about nursing is that it’s one of the broadest careers out there,” said Ms. Sharpe. “I think nurses can do anything.”

Visit WUNC’s website to listen to the full show.