Mark Toles Interviewed by WUNC

Assistant professor Mark Toles, PhD, RN, was interviewed by Rebecca Martinez of WUNC about his most-recent research publication. In a study that included more than 50,000 Medicare beneficiaries, Dr. Toles found that a high percentage of Medicare patients who are discharged from skilled nursing facilities will return to the hospital or emergency room within 30 days.

Dr. Toles told Ms. Martinez that around 20% of Medicare beneficiaries required acute care within 30 days, and almost 40% of beneficiaries required acute care within 90 days. The results, said Dr. Toles, demonstrate that interventions are needed to make a smoother transition between skilled nursing facilities and older adults’ homes. He is currently investigating some approaches that care facilities could implement.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Additional information can be found in the SON’s press release. Full text of the WUNC story is available here. This story will be updated if audio of the interview becomes available.