New Creativity Suite Provides a Space for Team Research

This week, the SON Office of Research Support and Consultation unveiled a new Creativity Suite. The Center, which is located in 2700 Carrington Hall (a room generously named by the Copernicus Group IRB), was designed to promote innovation and encourage collaboration. The space features a lab for individual or collaborative writing, including four dual-monitor computers; an interactive meeting space for team building, idea generation, and group collaboration; an artistic expression area; and a contemplation room in which researchers can meditate, read, or think quietly.

Director Gregory Workman with the support of Associate Dean and Frances Hill Fox Distinguished Professor Kathleen Knafl led the RSC’s team effort to establish the Creativity Suite. Special thanks also go to business services manager Tamea Richardson Love, facilities manager Sam Deal, and support technician Scott Berrier.

Click through the slideshow below for a picture tour of the new Creativity Center.