Nursing Students Present at UNC Celebration of Undergraduate Research

LisaSkiver-Student12 Lisa Marianne Skiver

Nursing students Danielle Fried and Lisa Skiver presented Honors posters at the University’s Celebration of Undergraduate Research on April 16.

Fried studied how parents of pediatric oncology patients use web sites to record, express and share their experiences. “Most of the existing literature about the experiences of pediatric oncology patients and their families was conducted by in-person interviews and surveys, so I was able to look at their experiences from a different perspective,” she says.

Fried identified four overall themes in the parents’ writing: seeking knowledge, relationships with others, care received, and sharing emotions. She says that during the course of the Honors project, she learned more about the research process and how the results of research can influence practice.

After a first-hand experience with a family, Skiver identified the need for teaching tool for parents of children who will be discharged with subcutaneous injection medication. For her honors project she developed a tool that can be used by nurses to teach parents while in the hospital and by the family as a reference after discharge.

“I gained a much better understanding of nursing research and its wide applicability, especially in bedside nursing,” Skiver says. “I learned that you don’t need to have a PhD to do nursing research and that it’s important for us as nurses to seek ways to improve patient care using bedside research.”

Both students expressed gratitude for the support they received from their advisor, Clinical Assistant Professor Diane Yorke.
Danielle Cathryn Fried