Oermann Authors “Writing for Publication in Nursing”

Dr. Marilyn Oermann, professor and division chair in the UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing, has another new book: Oermann, M.H., & Hays, J.C. (2011). Writing for Publication in Nursing (2nd ed.). New York: Springer. This is Marilyn’s 19th book.

Writing for Publication in Nursing was prepared for beginning and experienced authors, for nurses who want to write for publication, and for graduate students who need to write research reports, clinical articles, systematic reviews, and other types of articles. The book describes the process of writing, beginning with an idea through developing the final paper, submitting it to a journal, and responding to peer reviews. A chapter is devoted to writing research articles, and other chapters describe how to write papers on reviews of research evidence, clinical practice topics, and case reports, among others.

Marilyn has a lot of experience in writing for publication: she is author of more than 170 articles in peer reviewed journals, chapters, and editorials, and is editor of a nursing journal. From this experience she is able to offer many suggestions to authors.