Oncology Nursing Fellows continue to connect during the pandemic

The 5th annual UNC Lineberger, Sylvia Lauterborn, and Warren Piver Oncology summer fellowship was another great event. Ashley Leak Bryant PhD, RN-BC, OCN and Deborah Mayer, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN have coordinated this program since its inception. More details about the summer oncology fellowship is located here. COVID-19 limited hands on oncology experience for these students. Even with this limitation, the students engaged in several educational and learning activities including joining ONS and completing the ONS Basics Course, reading of The Shift by Theresa Brown PhD, RN, reflective discussion with Bob Lauterborn and Laura Piver, learned about the role of the Nurse Navigator with Courtney Berry RN, BA, BSN, MA, OCN, explored how to discuss sexual health and intimacy with survivors with Peggy Wilmoth, PhD, RN, FAAN, unfolding case study with North Carolina Cancer Hospital with Clinical Nurse Education Specialists Susie Mason and Claire Gillett, heard from 2 alumni oncology fellows Madison Morgan and Lizzie Baldwin who are employed as inpatient oncology nurses, and interviewed survivors and caregivers about their experiences.

You can view the fellows’ presentations via the links below.

Drs. Bryant and Mayer say this program would not be possible without the generous support from UNC Lineberger, North Carolina Cancer Hospital, School of Nursing, Bob Lauterborn and Laura Piver. UNC leadership is committed to increasing the workforce of diverse oncology nurses who care for survivors and patients.

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