Palliative Care Nurse-Scientist Receives $1.7 Million Grant

SongMiKyungwebVerticle Dr. Mi-Kyung Song

Dr. Mi-Kyung Song, associate professor in the School of Nursing, has been awarded at $1.7 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to conduct a longitudinal study to examine the multi-dimensional trajectories of patients with end-stage kidney disease who are at a high risk of experiencing acute life-threatening events and mortality within 12 months.

These life-threatening events are superimposed on the demands of dialysis and co-morbidities. The information generated from the longitudinal assessments of patients will be critical for the development of effective palliative care interventions tailored to the times when those interventions are most needed to improve the quality of life for this patient population.

Mi-Kyung’s study co-investigators are Sandra Ward at University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing; Gerald Hladik at UNC Hospitals Kidney Center, School of Medicine; and Lloyd Edwards in Biostatistics at UNC-C Hospitals.