G. Rumay Alexander Receives M. Elizabeth Carnegie Award

Dr. G. Rumay Alexander received the 2013 M. Elizabeth Carnegie Award during a ceremony at the annual meeting of the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing. The annual award is given to a nurse educator who best exemplifies Dr. Carnegie’s quest for excellence and equity in nursing education and practice.

Mary Elizabeth Carnegie, DPA, FAAN, was a nurse educator who championed the cause of African American nurses. In honor of Carnegie’s “quest for excellence and equity in nursing education and practice,” an award is given in her to name to a nurse educator at a member institution of the SREB Council whose efforts promote diversity in nursing education through scholarship, advocacy, and mentorship.

The SREB award committee said: “Though from different generations, Dr. Alexander and Dr. Carnegie hold much in common. Both have helped numerous individuals and organizations achieve their distinctive missions in nursing. Dr. Alexander’s imprint on nursing and society has been to help healthcare organizations and individuals create inclusive work environments. High impact initiatives bear witness to her work as an exemplar of all that Dr. Carnegie embraced in her phenomenal accomplishments through a lifetime of nursing.”

The SREB Council on Collegiate Nursing Education helps to expand and strengthen nursing schools to reduce the critical shortage of nurse educators needed to train the nation’s registered nurses. The Council works with college-based nursing programs at all levels—associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral—that prepare registered nurses for entry-level and advanced practice positions in the 16 SREB member states and the District of Columbia.

For more on the award and Dr. Alexander’s accomplishments, see the full letter of recognition from the award committee.