Sam Deal Receives Two Prestigious SON Awards

At an end of the year celebration in the Fox Lobby, facilities manager Sam Deal was awarded both the Outstanding Staff of the Year Award and the H.O.P.E. Award. Deal is the first staff member in the history of the SON to be selected for both awards in the same year.

The Outstanding Staff of the Year Award was created to recognize an individual staff member who has demonstrated exemplary performance and has contributed to the general success of the SON. The H.O.P.E., Helping Other People Excel Award, recognizes a staff or faculty member who has helped to create a “welcoming, inclusive, and hospitable environment in which all members of the SON community can flourish and realize their dreams.”

Deal, who has served the SON for almost a decade, was honored for his positive attitude, his willingness to help, and the many hours of hard work he has contributed to keeping the SON’s facilities running smoothly.

Congratulations Sam!