Seniors Raise $400 for EISLE at Pizza Party

The SON Alumni Association hosted a pizza party for the graduating BSN class on Thursday and the seniors took the opportunity to raise money for their class gift.

In consultation with the Undergraduate Student Governance Council (UGSGC), the BSN and ABSN Class of 2016 looked at the SON’s various needs and settled on raising funds for an intravenous pump in EISLE. Thanks to yesterday’s party, they’re $400 closer to their $2,500 goal!

“EISLE provides the foundation for our skill development by enriching our learning experience through practice, realistic simulation, and evaluation of our progress throughout nursing school. As a result, every student is profoundly impacted by the benefits of this educational program. Collectively, the students recognize the critical role EISLE plays in our successful journey to become exemplary nurses,” said Hannah Bivens, Chair of the UGSGC.

“Intravenous pump technology is standard in most, if not all, healthcare settings today; direct access to a pump as a learning resource will effectually prepare students for clinical healthcare settings and contemporary nursing practice,” said Mary Catherine Heideman, the UGSGC’s Vice Chair.

Convinced? Then make your contribution to the Class of 2016’s Gift campaign by clicking here and selecting the EISLE Expendable Fund 422606 from the drop down menu.