SON Alumni Return to Offer Encouragement, Advice

In late July, the undergraduate course N254, The Discipline of Nursing I, hosted a panel of alumni to share their experience and knowledge with future Carolina Nurses.

Alumni Stephanie Devane-Johnson, PhD ‘16, Erin Fisher, BSN ‘04, Derek Miller, BSN ’06, MSN ‘16, Emily Shermanski, BSN ‘16, Stephanie Turner, BSN ’96, MSN ‘00, and Virginia “Ginger” Walton, BSN ’81, MSN ‘86 gathered to encourage students to find mentors, to take advantage of opportunities to get involved at the SON, to pursue their passions in the field, and to exercise their leadership and problem-solving skills.

“The very fact that you are a Carolina Nursing grad will make you valuable to employers,” said Ginger Walton. “They will want you for the critical thinking skills you have gained here.”

The Discipline of Nursing course exposes students to a broad view of nursing from the history and development of nursing, all the way through nursing today and trends, issues, and concepts that impact nursing practice in our current times. The purpose is to help students begin developing their own personal framework of nursing and all that it entails.

With one accord the alumni stressed that Carolina alumni aren’t only nurses, but educators and advocates, as well, and our students should know the importance of sharing their vision and their voice when they get into practice.

Our thanks to these and all of our alumni for their ongoing support of the School and its students! Advocates, indeed!