SON Faculty Coretta Jenerette Receives TraCs Grant

CorettaJ.Web Dr. Coretta Jenerette

Dr. Coretta Jenerette received a NC TraCS grant to develop the Nurse Subscale of the Sickle Cell Health-Related Stigma Scale.

Health care providers have been shown to mistake the pain relief-seeking behavior of persons with sickle cell disease (SCD) for drug-seeking behavior. Pain is the key symptom of SCD. This mistake unnecessarily stigmatizes persons with SCD and may negatively affect the establishment of mutually trusting and respectful relationships between them and their health care providers. Such negative encounters may contribute to poorer health outcomes. The proposed study builds on earlier work to develop instruments to measure both SCD patients’ perceptions of stigmatization by nurses and nurses’ perceptions of individuals with SCD. While Dr. Jenerette collects data at UNC-Chapel Hill, her co-investigator, Cheedy Jaja, PhD, RN, will be collecting data at the Georgia Health Sciences University.