SON Faculty Mi-Kyung Song Receives Bioethics Supplement Grant

Song_WebNE Dr. Mi-Kyung Song

Congratulations to Dr. Mi-Kyung Song who received a bioethics supplement grant to her current R01 project, Representational Intervention to Promote End-of-Life Decision-Making Preparation.

With this additional grant, Mi-Kyung will describe patients’ perspectives of how decisions to start dialysis were made (e.g., if they perceived the process as informed decision making). She also will explore whether patients’ perspectives of the decision-making process to start dialysis are associated with their values for life-sustaining treatment and end-of-life preferences. The total award amount is $147,011. This was a highly competitive grant: there were more than 100 applications from 27 institutes and centers and <less than 10% of them were selected for funding.