SON Graduates 33 Students Plus Recognizes Achievements, Contributions

Thank you to everyone who attended graduation on Saturday, July 22, 2010 at Gerrard Hall. Thirty-three graduates participated in the ceremony that Dean Swanson presided over. The Dean shared some wonderful stories and Dr. Theresa Rafael-Grimm gave an inspiring speech as faculty speaker.

The class awarded Lisa Woodley with the Excellence in Education Award and staff Robin Fultz and Scott Berrier received Special Recognition Awards.

Student Award recipients were Judith Hunt for the Livas Award and Amanda Ferguson as the Sigma Theta Tau Outstanding BSN Award.

A special thanks to Christina Leonard, Kathy Alden, Diana McCarty, Megan Williams, and the ANS students who helped in the planning to make this a special event.

Dr. Beverly Foster and Kathy Moore get extra special thanks for the countless advice and direction they gave the End of Program Ceremony Committee to make this event occur.

Thanks so much,
JoAn Williams

P.S. JoAn Williams, staff member in the Office of Admissions and Student Services provided the leadership for this event. The students recognized JoAn with the Unsung Hero Award for helping them plan the ceremony. Thank you, JoAn, for your time and leadership.