SON in the News: Debra Barksdale

Dr. Debra Barksdale, PhD, FNP-BC, ANP-BC, CNE, FAANP, FAANA, was quoted in a New York Times article about a new JAMA study revealing pay gaps between male and female RNs.

Barksdale, PhD, FNP-BC, ANP-BC, CNE, FAANP, FAANA, is the director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program at the School of Nursing. She told the New York Times, “We now have pretty compelling evidence that there are pay inequalities between men and women in nursing over the past 25 years.” The article, which points out that male nurses make $5,100 more on average per year than female colleagues in similar positions, appeared online as well as in the March 25 print New York edition of the newspaper.

Al Jazeera America also did a live television interview with Dr. Barksdale about the study, and the Daily Tar Heel interviewed her about the study.

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