SON Students Provide Service and Education at ECH Open House

ECH-Students Francia Marin and Amanda Hunsucker

Undergraduate nursing students Francia Marin and Amanda Hunsucker participated in the El Centro Hispano (ECH) Open House in Carrboro on March 23. The event, held at Carrboro Plaza, featured booths that promoted breast health and breast cancer awareness.

Nine health and human service agencies, including the UNC School of Nursing, attended the event, and Rex Hospital supplied a mammogram truck. Around 50 community members attended, and 11 women received free mammograms. The Open House was the first event of its kind to be put on by the Carrboro branch of ECH.

Francia and Amanda, who are doing their N470 clinical with ECH, operated the SON booth. Using models, they showed women how to perform self-examinations and explained the importance of performing these examinations monthly. They were able to educate attendees and answer questions in Spanish, providing members of the local Latino community with a better understanding of information on breast health. “I think it’s very important to speak to them and explain to them in their own language,” said Francia, who explained that many of these women are given the information by agencies but do not fully understand it.