SON Students Serving Communities Near and Far

Spring break offers students a chance to take it easy and unwind, but many SON students chose to dedicate their time off to community service.

SON students teamed up with their peers from the School of Pharmacy, the School of Public Health, and the Division of Physical Therapy to travel to Tyrell County, North Carolina. During their trip, they promoted health and wellness by fixing up the tennis courts at the local school, helping out at the Columbia Medical Center, and painting an outdoor classroom at the Pocosin Lakes national wildlife refuge. The students shared highlights from their trip through a blog. They also received a mention in the local paper, the Scuppernong Reminder.

Another group of SON students chose to leave the country to provide much-needed medical assistance in Honduras. During the trip, which was supported by Compassion Med International, students saw approximately 1,000 patients, went on 11 home visits, and made 24 food bags to support 24 families in need. When they weren’t seeing patients, they also managed to fit in a pinata party for kids at the Asosiocion Ciudad de Esperenza orhphanage. You can view pictures of their trip on the official trip Flickr site.