SON undergraduate student publishes paper, joins leadership and clinical programs

Carolina Nursing ABSN student Gabrielle Grant is already starting her career as a nursing researcher – even before completing her undergraduate nursing degree. She has already published her second article as a primary author, joined the Clinician Leadership in Quality and Safety Scholarly Concentration at the UNC School of Medicine, and will be pursuing her PhD as a new Hillman Scholar in the coming fall semester.

The article, her second to appear in Burns, focuses on taking more accurate measurements during the burn recovery process in children.

Continuing her focus on advancing patient care, Gabrielle has been accepted to the Clinician Leadership in Quality and Safety Scholarly Concentration, a mentored program in the SOM where she will join an existing clinical Quality Improvement team, present at an annual program symposium, and acquire the expertise to implement quality improvement projects. This is in addition to being named a Hillman Scholar and participating in the Hillman Clinical Fellowship, programs designed “produce the next generation of nurse researchers who will lead the realignment of health care to become more effective, patient-centered, accessible, equitable, and affordable.”

Congratulations and well done, Gabrielle!