SON Welcomes Visiting Students from Mexico’s Autonomous University

The School of Nursing is delighted to welcome Sergio Eduardo Matíenzo Torres and Beatriz Medellín Cabrera, nursing students visiting from the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas School of Nursing in Tampico, Mexico.

Their visit is the first in an exchange program developed between the two schools of nursing, and is the product of many years’ collaboration between UNC’s Diane Berry, PhD, ANP-BC, FAANP, FAAN, Christina Harlan, RN, BSN, MA, and Associate Dean for Global Affairs, Gwen Sherwood, PhD, RN, FAAN and Lidia Guadalupe Compeán Ortiz, DCE, Eunice Reséndiz González, DCE, Paulina Aguilera Pérez, MCE, Hortensia Castañeda Hidalgo, DRA, and Dean Gloria Acevedo Porras, MCE of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas School of Nursing. For more than half a decade, Diane Berry, Lidia Guadalupe Compeán Ortiz, Eunice Reséndiz González and Paulina Aguilera Pérez have worked on projects related to the management of overweight and diabetes in Mexico and the United States.

Beatriz and Eduardo at work on a literature review for Dr. Diane Berry.

Beatriz and Eduardo at work on a literature review for Dr. Diane Berry.

Eduardo and Beatriz received word in July that they would be the first to travel to Chapel Hill to participate in nursing research conducted by a school of nursing at a research intensive university in the United States. The pair, whose travel was sponsored by Autonomous University, arrived in Chapel Hill on Saturday, September 26 for a two-week immersive research stay.

While here their schedule is full and varied. From assisting Diane Berry with creating and writing a literature review on the state of the science of fetal programming in women with type 2 diabetes during their pregnancy, to learning to write a Sigma Theta Tau grant to be submitted from Mexico in December, to touring the SHAC clinic, Biobehavioral Laboratory, and UNC simulation lab and observing students in community–based sites around Chapel Hill, they have been treated to a full complement of educational experiences at UNC. A highlight of their stay was attending the Biobehavioral Conference held at Duke University School of Nursing and jointly sponsored by Duke and UNC schools of nursing where they met faculty doing research at Duke.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for us to gain skills and experience in writing articles and preparing grants,” said Eduardo and Beatriz. Both he and Beatriz aim to pursue careers in nursing research after completing their PhDs.

“We are delighted to welcome Eduardo and Beatriz to UNC Chapel Hill to share our school and research endeavors. We hope their stay encourages them to see how continuing their education will open many doors for them in Mexico and the United States.”