Susy Koruth Becomes First SON Clinical Nurse Leader Certified Graduate

Clinical Assistant Professor Meg Zomorodi, RN, CNL, PhD, tells us that we have our first Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) certified graduate—Susy Koruth. Susy sat for and passed the CNL certification exam — TODAY!! She not only passed the CNL exam but her scores were incredibly high, especially on the simulation/decision-making section. Zomorodi teaches the two required CNL courses, “Evidence Based Care for Clinical Nurse Leaders Part I and II. She is very proud of Susy and the work that she has put into this program and looks forward tracking her future career success. Susy will begin her employment as a CNL at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Durham, NC, with a three-year appointment. Extraordinary things are definitely in her future! according to Dr. Zomorodi.

The specifics of the Clinical Nurse Leader role:

The CNL is an advanced generalist clinician with education at the master’s or post-master’s level in a formal CNL education program. The CNL brings a high level of clinical competence and knowledge to the point of care and serves as a resource for the nursing team. In practice, the CNL oversees the care coordination and integration of care for a distinct group of patients. This master’s degree-prepared clinician puts evidence-based practice into action to ensure that patients benefit from the latest innovations in care delivery. The CNL evaluates patient outcomes, assesses cohort risk, and has the decision-making authority to change care plans when necessary. The CNL is a leader and active member of the interdisciplinary health care team.

Link to complete CNL description: