The New and Improved Room 2110

Room 2110 Live Demonstration

The Sandra G. Funk Conference Room (2110) has been upgraded to support videoconferencing.

The videoconferencing equipment and other new additions that have been installed in the room provide many new opportunities for its users.

The room can now operate with remote sites that have similar capabilities to send and receive simultaneous video and PC display. It can also connect with individual PCs that have a camera and special software.

Videoconferences similar to those held in the Fox Auditorium can now take place in the Sandra G. Funk Conference Room. In addition, a person in a remote location can join a meeting being held in the room from his or her own computer with a small investment.

Other additions to the room include two 55-inch monitors, ceiling-mounted speakers, a new computer and an unobstructed white board. Standard classroom projection and display are still possible with the new monitors, and all of the new equipment is easy to