Three Honored with Staff Awards

Alecia Matthews, Lindsay Crutchfield and Tiffany Cain were honored with staff awards for their significant contributions to the SON community at the SON Holiday Party on Thursday.

The following are the remarks used to present the well-deserved awards:

Customer Service Award:

The Customer Service Achievement Award goes to: Alecia Matthews

Alecia “expertly and professionally works to support the DNP and MSN programs. Alecia works effectively with OSA, OAA, financial services, the Graduate School and others in the university system in service of others. She also fields students’ questions, issues and problems and assures that faculty and students have everything they need for advising, registration and graduation. She is always positive and professional and gets things done. She attends important meetings such as OSA/OAA, IO3, and OAA staff meetings so that she can get or share information to aid in better service to her constituents. She also serves on other important committees such as the group working with Veteran and Active Duty Military students.”

Effectiveness/Accuracy Award:

“The Accuracy Award is the ideal award to recognize” Lindsay Crutchfield. “Her accuracy and attention to detail are without measure. I am continually reporting on the data that she created in the most stressful of circumstances, and it is always correct. By dropping the GRE requirement, the School left the OSA the predicament of having to evaluate nearly 650 Graduate Applications for faculty review. The previous year had been a record high of just over 200 applications! Almost single handedly she reviewed applicant after applicant – day after day – month after month with an accuracy that allowed us to move applicants to committees without being slowed. She gets any and all jobs done and done write the first time. This is an invaluable trait given that three tenths of a point could mean the difference of admittance or denial for our applicants.

Extra Mile Award:

The Extra Mile Achievement Award goes to: Tiffani Cain

“She is always willing to learn and practice with intentions of mastering. She is open-minded and forward thinking. She will work late, come in early and do what it takes until the job is done! From the loads of email, tons of phone calls down to the investigation work domestically and abroad.”

Congratulations and many thanks for all you do to enhance the SON Alecia, Lindsay and Tiffani!