UNC a Force at International Family Nursing Conference

The SON was well represented at the 12th International Family Nursing Conference held in late August in Odense Denmark. With 458 attendees from 31 nations, it was truly a global meeting of nurses engaged with family practice, research, and education. The conference program provided attendees multiple opportunities to engage and learn from one another.

Kathy Knafl co-chaired the conference and was the recipient of one of the prestigious 2015 Excellence in Family Nursing Awards. Marcia Van Riper, the outgoing past president of IFNA, was a member of the conference committee and was in charge of the highly successful IFNC Raffle.

Presentations were given by the following UNC faculty, students, and grads:

Expert Lectures:


Kathy Knafl receives the Excellence in Family Nursing award at the 2015 IFNC in Denmark.

Oral Presentations

Poster Presentations

If you are interested in family nursing, please consider joining the International Family Nursing Organization. Information about IFNA is readily available on the IFNA website http://internationalfamilynursing.org/

The next International Family Nursing Conference will be held in Pamplona, Spain in June 2017 at the University of Navarra.