Van Riper Receives Excellence in Family Nursing Award at International Family Nursing Conference

The School of Nursing was well represented at the 14th International Family Nursing Conference held in Washington DC August 13-16, with faculty, PhD students and alumni in attendance.

Dr. Marcia Van Riper delivered an expert lecture, Dr. Kathy Knafl led a pre-conference workshop, and many gave presentations, including Dr. Louise Fleming, Dr. Marcia Van Riper, Dr. Kathleen Knafl, Dr. Hayley Estrem, Tyra Girdwood, Beth Skelton and Ashlee Vaughan.

The International Family Association honored Dr. Van Riper at the conference with their Excellence in Family Nursing Award. Since serving as the first president of the International Family Nursing Association, she has been very active in promoting the organization and family nursing.

She was nominated by four experts in family nursing — Dr. Janet Deatrick (USA), Dr. Cristina Garcia-Vivar (Spain), Dr. Birte Ostergaard (Denmark), and Dr. Kathy Knafl (USA). In the nomination letter, Dr. Deatrick wrote the following, “Dr. Van Riper’s global, lifetime achievements in practice, research and education regarding genomics and family nursing provide unparalleled support for her nomination for this award.”

Well done, Dr. Van Riper!