Visioning Opioid Informatics: Controlled Substance Reporting System 2.0 & Dashboard Reporting

Please join the UNC Opioid Student Research Group for an end-of-semester wrap up as well as presentation by Mike Fliss on North Carolina’s Controlled Substance Reporting System

Tuesday, April 24th, 12-1pm
Rosenau Hall, UNC School of Public Health
Room 101

NC’s Controlled Substance Reporting System (CSRS) is our state’s implementation of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMPs), a best practice in addressing the still-growing opioid overdose epidemic. In collaboration with the UNC Injury Prevention Research Center and NC Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Mike lead research activities (journal review, statewide & national partner systems) and stakeholder meetings that culminated in a report recommending next steps for that system. Highlights of that report include (1) stakeholder-informed wireframes for future EHR integrations, (2) a data assurance document representing the combined lessons-learned of a half-dozen researchers working with the dataset, and (3) miscellaneous informatics considerations for developing CSRS capacity. Mike will close with challenges and future opportunities from a separately funded, but related project with the NC Division of Public Health: implementation of a public-facing interactive opioid dashboard that disseminates CSRS and other partner data.