Yeo, Asafu-Adjei Study Published in Obesity Reviews

Congratulations to Professor SeonAe Yeo and Assistant Professor Josephine Asafu-Adjei, co-authors on the study “What Characteristics of Nutrition and Physical Activity Interventions Are Key to Effectively Reducing Weight Gain in Obese and Overweight Pregnant Women? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis,” that will be published in an upcoming issue of Obesity Reviews.

“With rigorous systematic review and meta analyses of the past ten years of randomized controlled trials around the world, we found out that obese and overweight women gained much less weight when lifestyle interventions were provided by their prenatal care providers (obstetricians or midwives) during routine prenatal care visits,” said Yeo.

“This finding is critically important because for other groups of people (e.g., middle aged men with type 2 diabetes, perimenopausal women, adolescents etc.) weekly group interventions are said to be effective. We found that obese and overweight pregnant women are uniquely responsive to individual, short, and less frequent interventions provided by their own prenatal care providers.”

Additional co-authors on the study are Jennifer S. Walker (UNC HSL), Melissa C. Caughey (UNC GSGPH), and Amanda M. Ferraro (UNC undergraduate).

Great work, all!