Yeo, SON Help Develop DNP Program in Japan

Professor SeonAe Yeo is recently returned from two weeks in Tokyo, Japan where she worked with faculty at the premier nursing school of St. Luke’s International University to assist it in its effort to start the first DNP program in Japan.

With the support of Interim Dean Donna Havens, Interim Director of Graduation Practice Programs Jennifer D’Auria, and Associate Dean for Global Initiatives Gwen Sherwood, and following two weeks of intensive meetings and discussions, Yeo helped equip the St. Luke’s program with goals, objectives, terminal objectives, curriculums and its fit to the infrastructure of nursing higher education in Japan.

When St. Luke’s starts its DNP, it is anticipated that there will be an annual visiting professorship at St. Luke’s for UNCSON faculty members to teach an intensive course in DNP program. This professorship should be established when a memorandum of agreement between two universities is in place.

In addition to the professorship, it is anticipated that other exchanges such as students and staff are also encouraged.

Our thanks to Dr. Yeo for her great service to the patients and the nursing profession in Japan!