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Stanek | Woodley | Transitions LifeCare: Bedside Nursing

As a currently practicing RN, I can speak to current practices of a variety of disease processes and patient situations that I personally encounter, which helps students understand course content.

JoAn Stanek, DNP, RN, ANP

End-of-life care can be complex. At UNC School of Nursing, faculty are dedicated to helping students better understand current best practices and preparing them for real clinical situations.

JoAn Stanek, DNP, RN, ANP, practices as a beside nurse at Transitions LifeCare, which provides essential services for those facing terminal illness, from pain management and quality-of-life treatments to grief counseling. Professor Stanek provides direct care to persons and families at end of life. As course coordinator for the undergraduate medical surgery courses, she has integrated her expertise with end-of-life care into the Nursing Care of Adults (NURS 330 and NURS 430) curriculum.

Professor Stanek also does admissions into the facility and helps advance nursing education by precepting as needed. Her affiliation with Transitions LifeCare has allowed her to be a part of two partnering grants that have supported students in having hospice and palliative care clinical experience.

Engaging in praxis makes me an effective educator.

Lisa Woodley, PhD, RN, CNE, CHPN

Like Professor Stanek, Lisa Woodley, PhD, RN, CNE, CHPN, provides direct care to dying and terminally ill patients and their families. She uses examples from her own experience in this practice in her classes with students.