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Active and visionary thinking, the fearless advancement of innovation through creativity, and the pursuit of unrestrained scientific inquiry on behalf of people in need: this is how Carolina nurses change lives, and this is how the UNC School of Nursing shapes a profession.

With a proud history of firsts in the state of North Carolina and an exemplary heritage of bests among schools of nursing in the country, Carolina educates and graduates talented students for leadership in practice, research, education and administration.

 Strategic Plan

Carolina Nursing has adopted the ambitious vision to be what we have been: First in Nursing.

We are following a thoughtfully developed strategic plan to guide our activities and initiatives to help us meet that goal. Learn more about it here.


Students interested in the best preparation for a fulfilling career in nursing may choose from our full complement of academic programs.

Enhance the value of your degree by earning it from a nationally ranked school at the top of its game.
  • Tied for 6th among US master’s nursing programs ranked by U.S. News and World Report for 2022, and first among public schools of nursing


    • Overall: Tied for 6th
    • Nursing Administration: 6th
    • Family Nurse Practitioner: 7th
    • Psych-Mental Health NP: 4th
    • Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner: 10th


    • Overall: 11th
    • Nursing Administration: 8th
    • Family Nurse Practitioner: Tied for 4th
    • Psych-Mental Health NP: 3rd



We meet and surpass all accreditation benchmarks.

 For more information on the School’s accrediting bodies, please click here.


The School of Nursing is dedicated to the pursuit of useful new knowledge and to its translation to practice.

We are committed to, and recognized for, the study of prevention and management of chronic illness, capitalizing on our faculty’s diversity and strengths in the arenas of health promotion and protection, human responses to illness, and models and outcomes in health care systems.

Carolina Nursing is one of only a handful of schools in the country to house a Biobehavioral Laboratory, with the primary purpose of assisting and promoting faculty and students’ efforts in the use of biobehavioral measures and physiological parameters in their research.


The School not only educates students and performs research in a variety of health care related areas, but also amply serves our local and global communities.