Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Carolina Nursing: Distinctly empowered to advance health for all

Our Vision

First in Nursing: The world’s leading School of Nursing for the public

Our Values


Integrity: Respect and advocate for all in every interaction
Leadership: Inspire, empower and influence
Excellence: Unlock potential to transcend expectations
Agility: Innovate for the changing demands in education and healthcare
Diversity: Broaden perspectives, embrace open attitudes and enhance inclusivity

Our Purpose

“There is no such thing as a menial task in caring for a human being.”

Elizabeth Kemble, founding dean

Indeed, there is not. And since its founding, the UNC School of Nursing has held this view, purposefully and proudly answering the high calling of caring for human beings through our teaching, research and service.

And we do it well. Ranked in the top 10 of two world rankings for schools of nursing, Carolina Nursing excels at advancing the art and science of nursing care, first for our neighbors here at home, and then around the world.

Our Promise

At Carolina Nursing, we will be, and prepare, exceptional nurse leaders who advance health care to improve lives.

We will drive the state of nursing science, and translate our discoveries into better practice and systems of care.

We will serve the needs of our neighbors, and export our expertise to nurse educators, scientists and practitioners around the globe.

We will promote the profession of nursing for the greater good.