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The materials below describe the different course plans that students may follow:

Undergraduate Course Plans
For students matriculating before Fall 2019: BSN ABSN
For students matriculating Fall 2019 or later: BSN | ABSN
Hillman Scholars: BSN | ABSN


Course Details

Please refer to the following materials for detailed information about the content and order of graduate coursework:

 MSN/DNP Course Map | Fall 2021 – Summer 2024

Please note that these maps are long-range planning documents. Course scheduling by semester may sometimes vary based on resource availability or unanticipated program changes. Faculty and students are advised to check periodically for updates to the document.

Note: The documents provided here may not show the final course offerings. Course maps, schedules and lists are subject to revisions. Please check this page periodically prior to the start of classes for updates while planning. Additionally, questions can be directed to Solomon Valentine for undergraduates, Dawn O’Neal for MSN students, DJ Lester for DNP students, and Chasity Mims for PhD students.

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