Undergraduate Curriculum

Ways to Study

  • On-Campus

Carolina Nursing’s BSN program offers three available options of study:

Clinical instruction for all tracks will begin in the first semester and will feature an intensive capstone in the final year.

Courses & Curriculum

Credit Key: (#total credits : #lecture credits : #clinical credits)

BSN Plan of Study PDF


Nurs 301: Foundations of Relationship-Centered Care and Diversity and Inclusion | Carolina Core I (3:3:0 credits)

Nurs 310: Clinical Nursing Skills and Health Assessment I | On Campus Clinical I  (2:0:2 credits)

Nurs 330: Nursing Care of Adults 1 (4:3:1 credits)

Nurs 351: Pathophysiology/Pharmacology Across the Lifespan I (3:3:0 credits)

Nurs 384: Family Focused Genomic Health Care (1:1:0 credit)

(13 total credits)


Nurs 311: Clinical Nursing Skills and Health Assessment II | On Campus Clinical II   (1:0:1 credits)

Nurs 352: Pathophysiology/Pharmacology Across the Lifespan II (3:3:0 credits)

Nurs 481: Mental Health Promotion and Psychiatric Care Across Populations and Settings (5:3:2 credits)

Nurs 482: Reproductive Health and Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family (5:3:2 credits)

(13 total credits)


Nurs 302: Foundations of Research, Ethics and Health Innovation | Carolina Core II (3:3:0 credits)

Nurs 430: Nursing Care of Adults II (5:3:2 credits )

(8 total credits)


Nurs 401: Integrating Principles of Leadership, Quality and Safety, and Informatics into Nursing Practice | Carolina Core III (3:3:0 credits)

Nurs 410: Clinical Nursing Skills and Health Assessment III | On Campus Clinical III (1:0:1 credits)

Nurs 483: Family-Centered Nursing Care from Birth through Adolescence (5:3:2 credits)

Nurs 484: Public Health Nursing in Community Settings (4:2:2 credits)

(13 total credits)


Nurs 402: Foundations of Population Health and Global Health | Carolina Core IV   (2:2:0 credits)

Nurs 411: Clinical Nursing Skills and Health Assessment IV | On Campus Clinical IV (1:0:1 credits)

Nurs 697: Capstone: Transitions in Care & Practice (6:2:4 credits)

Nursing Elective* (3 credits)

(13 total credits)

60 Total Credits

*Students must take at least 3 credits of nursing elective(s). This may be satisfied by multiple courses that are each less than 3 credits. The elective(s) may occur in any semester; however, students should be mindful that full time study in fall and spring is defined as at least 12 credits.