The School of Nursing (SON) partners with the NC Area Health Education Centers (NC AHEC) to provide continuing nursing education and training in communities throughout the state to meet the primary health care needs of North Carolinians.

Nine regional centers comprise the NC AHEC system and are supported primarily by state and local funds. Each NC AHEC Program (Mountain, Northwest, South Piedmont, Piedmont, Southern Regional, Wake, Area L, Eastern, and South East) is staffed by an interdisciplinary faculty, including one or more nursing educators. Since the program’s beginning in 1972, nursing education and clinical training have been an integral part of its mission to expose nurses to new technology and innovative methods and models of professional nursing practice.

To Request a Program

  1. Select programs from our Program & Speaker Catalog. If you require a program not listed in the catalog, please contact the SON AHEC office prior to seeking outside speakers to give us an opportunity to identify potential faculty for your continuing professional development (CPD) offering: (919) 966-3736 or
  2. Submit Program Request Form below. After we confirm faculty availability, the SON AHEC office will provide the regional coordinator with the speaker’s contact information.
  3. After confirmation, please contact the faculty member directly to discuss details of the program, date and time. Please email this information to
  4. We will provide an Agreement to Provide an Educational Offering to be signed by the regional AHEC office, the speaker, and the SON AHEC Office. In order to confirm a program, the speaker and the regional AHEC Nurse Director/Coordinator both need to sign the agreement and return to the SON AHEC office prior to the scheduled program.
  5. Review the program guidelines for travel arrangement instructions, marketing requirements, enrollment, cancellation and postponement policies, and closeout documentation.

Questions? Contact:


AHEC Program Request Form