AHEC Program Guidelines

Program and Travel Arrangements +

  • The hosting AHEC makes all program presentation arrangements for speakers and requests the materials required for CE approval.
  • The SON AHEC Office makes all travel arrangements including state automobiles and Med-Air flights. See full travel guidelines here.
  • All travel arrangements to fly Med-Air or rent an Enterprise rental car should be made through the AHEC Nursing office: ataft@email.unc.edu
  • It is preferred that the hosting AHEC make hotel reservations for a speaker. If this is not possible, the SON AHEC office will request local hotel recommendations from the regional AHEC and the speaker will then make his/her own reservations.
  • Please check with the SON AHEC office prior to making a hotel reservation for a speaker.
    Hotel rooms need to be booked as early as possible but no later than a month prior to travel.
  • No regional AHEC should pay for a hotel room because this is considered a SON AHEC expense. The speaker must charge the hotel room to a personal credit card and the SON AHEC office will reimburse the speaker.
  • If faculty members travel by Med-Air, the hosting AHEC provides ground transportation from the airport to the CE site. Med-Air flights need to be booked a month in advance.
  • If speakers ask the hosting AHEC to make travel arrangements for them, please refer them back to the SON AHEC office.

Marketing +

Please put the following statement on all marketing materials: “This program is being offered in cooperation with the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing”.

Enrollments, Cancelations and Postponements +

  • In general, the minimum enrollment is 15 participants in non-rural and 10 participants in rural areas. However, it may be possible to offer a program that is under-enrolled. Please contact the SON AHEC office prior to canceling any programs.
  • If it is necessary to cancel or postpone a program, please notify the SON AHEC office a minimum of three days prior to the scheduled date and let us know why the change is necessary.

Program Closeout Documention +

  • For programs which occur prior to June 1st : Within one month of program completion, please send our office the following information:
    • An agenda
    • A program brochure
    • CASCE Event number OR a typed participant roster with participant’s ID, address, county and workplace
    • Composite faculty evaluations with any narrative comments
    • A program purpose

(Information requested is sometimes included on program brochure.)

  • For programs scheduled after June 1st: It is essential that the information listed above is sent so that it arrives in the SON AHEC office no later than June 30thIf the SON AHEC office does not receive these materials by that date, our ability to count those program hours may be affected.