Ashley Leak Bryant Selected For Emerging Scholars Forum

The selection committee for the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing Emerging Scholars Forum, impressed with the quality of assistant professor Ashley Leak Bryant’s application, selected her as one of their 2014 scholars. The forum is designed to foster a strong foundation for faculty, post-doctoral scholars, and graduate students who are embarking on a career in research.

Dr. Bryant will present her research “Longitudinal Assessment of Symptoms, Functional Status, and Quality of Life in Adults with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.” Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a form of cancer that impacts blood and bone marrow. She was inspired to pursue a study of this type of cancer after she noticed an increase in the number of older adults with AML admitted to the North Carolina Cancer Hospital. Many of the patients were ill-equipped to manage their illness and Dr. Bryant realized there was little understanding of how AML symptoms and treatment affect a person’s quality of life over time. Her work could lead to improved services for older adults living with AML and similar cancers.

At the invitation-only forum, Dr. Bryant will have an opportunity to participate in professional development and network with peers. Dr. Bryant will travel to Toronto, Canada in October to participate in the two-day program.