Bryant and team published in Supportive Care in Cancer

Assistant Professor Ashley Bryant and her team published a pilot randomized trial of an electronic symptom monitoring and reporting intervention for hospitalized adults undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HCT) in the most recent issue of Supportive Care in Cancer.

The study examined whether daily symptom reporting (with electronic patient reported outcomes) in an inpatient transplant clinic reduced symptom burden on post-transplant days +7, +10, and +14. Patients assigned to the intervention arm completed the symptom report and their information was shared during morning rounds and used to guide conversations about better symptom management.

Findings suggest that daily electronic symptom monitoring and intervention in patients hospitalized for HCT may lead to reductions in peak symptom burden and improve individual symptoms during inpatient hospitalization. This work complements the interviews Bryant led to understand the experiences of inpatient bone marrow transplantation nurses and providers using electronic symptom reporting.

Congratulations, Ashley and Co.!