Collaborative Online International Learning courses connect nursing faculty and students with partners across the world

As part of the Connecting Carolina Classrooms with the World initiative, the Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs provides faculty with support and funding for implementing Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) as a part of its continued efforts to advance the internationalization of the Carolina curriculum.

Associate Professor Lisa Woodley

COIL courses at UNC Chapel Hill connect faculty and students from across the world through shared learning experiences and global, cross-institutional collaboration. Through COIL partnerships, faculty members at both institutions design collaborative activities for their students lasting at least three weeks. In small groups of students from both institutions, learners co-create a project that is only achievable with the involvement of their international partners. In the process, they learn and apply key competencies related to global nursing.

Lisa Woodley, associate professor at the UNC School of Nursing and COIL faculty fellow, strongly believes in the value of a global education for our future nurses and nurse leaders.

Whether they are immersive or virtual, Woodley maintains that opportunities for global learning in nursing at several touchpoints across curricula are critical for students to develop a deep understanding of core nursing concepts including best practices in culturally responsive care.

In her role as a campus-wide leader in Collaborative Online International Learning, Woodley provides support for other faculty seeking to infuse global learning opportunities into their existing courses. Learn more about Carolina Nursing’s COIL faculty and courses here.