Ellison BSN ’95 Pledges $15,000 Matching Grant to SON on #GiveUNC Day

Sincere thanks to Jane (BSN ’95) and Lucien (BA ’97, MBA ’03) Ellison who announced this morning that will match dollar for dollar up to $15,000 to support any fund at the School of Nursing in honor of #GiveUNC today!

“Once you or a loved one needs a nurse, you begin to understand how critical a nurse’s impact and collaboration is on health care,” Jane said.”Having a state-of-the-art nursing school at UNC is essential simply because nurses literally save lives! We must come together to ensure that our School of Nursing bests any other. Often, nurses are unable to contribute financially the way they can to those in need of their time, compassion, and expertise. I am supporting the UNC School of Nursing because it is where I learned the skills that lead to my own personal growth, happiness, confidence as a human being who cares deeply…. for all people. So, don’t wait! Give what you can both today and any chance you get.”

Won’t you join the Ellisons in supporting Carolina Nursing as we seek to advance health care to improve lives? Make your gift now. #GiveUNCSON