Innovations in N 302 meets clinical practice

Undergraduate UNC School of Nursing students enrolled in the N 302 Research Ethics and Innovation course are demonstrating their commitment to advancing healthcare through a unique assignment – the creation of Health Innovation ePubs. This project empowers students to explore, research, and recommend evidence-based health innovations while gaining practical experience in the field. 

As part of the N 302 Research Ethics and Innovation course curriculum, students are tasked with selecting a health innovation that captures their interest. They delve into thorough research to understand the innovation’s significance, benefits, and potential impact on healthcare delivery. The culmination of their efforts is the creation of a 4-page electronic publication (ePub) using iPads, showcasing their findings and evidence-based recommendations for the utilization of their chosen health innovation. 

The assignment’s goal is to cultivate the ability to convey complex ideas cohesively while incorporating theoretical and scientific evidence. By sharing their chosen topics on a collaborative platform, students spark engaging conversations and synergies among peers with similar interests. 

Kat Downing, a class of 2025 student, chose to investigate the realm of Antimicrobial Electronic Devices. Her dedication to the project led to the production of an exceptional scholarly product, reflecting her commitment to the nursing profession’s advancement. 

However, Downing’s journey did not end with the completion of her Health Innovation ePub. Just weeks after submitting her project, she had an opportunity to witness her chosen innovation, Antimicrobial Electronic Devices, in action at UNC Medical Center. Upon encountering an ultraviolet C device outside a recently cleaned room, Downing’s initial shock soon transformed into genuine excitement. Reflecting on the experience, she shared, “I never thought that the innovation I had spent a week researching would be put in my path in practice. Seeing this proved to me that the research skills we are learning will make a difference in our nursing practices.” 

By seamlessly integrating theoretical knowledge and practical application, this assignment equips nursing students with the skills and insights they need to thrive in their careers.