Linda Beeber Designated American Academy of Nursing Edge Runner

Heartfelt congratulations from the entire Carolina Nursing community to Francis Hill Fox Professor, Dr. Linda Beeber, who was designated an American Academy of Nursing Edge Runner today for her model of care, Reducing Depressive Symptoms and Enhancing Parenting in Low-Income and Newly-Immigrated Mothers of Infants and Toddlers.

The Edge Runner initiative recognizes nurse-designed models of care that impact cost, improve quality and enhance patient satisfaction.

“The Academy is proud to designate Dr. Linda Beeber as an Edge Runner for her work to reduce maternal depressive symptoms and enhance mothering strategies for low income and newly immigrated mothers of infants and toddlers,” said Academy President Bobbie Berkowitz, PhD, NEA-BC, FAAN. “Infancy and toddlerhood is such a critical period of time for brain and neurocognitive development. Dr. Beeber understands that helping vulnerable mothers reduce their depressive symptoms also helps prevent negative child outcomes.”

Dr. Beeber’s research teams conducted more than 20 years of sustained research to identify how context-specific maternal stressors such as economic hardship, immigration, discrimination or child developmental disabilities are linked to maternal depressive symptoms. Being one of the first researchers to recognize the mother-child dyad as an integral unit, Dr. Beeber developed nurse-delivered interventions to increase maternal self-efficacy through symptom monitoring and control, problem-focused strategies and improved parenting.

“I am honored that the Academy has recognized my work with the Edge Runner designation,” said Dr. Beeber. ”My team demonstrated that state-of-the-art, evidence-based interventions could be made accessible and acceptable to high-risk underserved mothers. Our intervention empowers the mother to reduce her symptoms and confront root causes of stressors.”

A summary profile of the Dr. Beeber’s Edge Runner model of care is available here.

Once again, congratulations, Linda!